What people are saying about Dan’s War on Poverty: A Grassroots Crusade for Social Justice.


  • Ann Patton has done of brilliant job of portraying Dan Allen. By examining his life and outreach so thoughtfully, she reminds us, through his fine example, about what really matters in this world. – Teresa Miller, Executive Director, Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers, Oklahoma State University.


  • This important book is long overdue and should be required reading in this time of rising poverty and suffering. Congratulations to Ann Patton for telling the truth and showing how ordinary people can change their world. – Wilbert Collins, retired Tulsa County Commissioner.


  • Dan Allen’s life reflected how his joy of service to others moved all those he touched to step up to the challenges of ensuring a just society for all. – Drew Diamond, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Tulsa, and retired Tulsa police chief.


  • If Tulsa history could sing, it would be in Ann’s voice, telling this story of Dan Allen, a truly selfless grassroots icon and saint, and the true believers he inspired. – Sandra Downie Langenkamp, former vice president, Tulsa Metro Chamber.


  • This book reflects Dan Allen’s conflicting rage and compassion, a city’s conflicting humanity and dismissal, and a spiritual determination that conflicted with much religious stance of the day. It’s a great read by a great writer. – Larry Silvey, former editor, Tulsa Magazine.


  • The story of Dan Allen has universal meaning. Ann Patton does a masterful job of inspiring us through the story of Dan Allen’s life. She captivates us by the power of his example of what one single person can do to help those around them.

Dan Allen was not famous, but he profoundly affected the lives of untold numbers of people in need in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His story, which is told so well by Ann, reminds us that every one of us has the power within us to change the community where we live for the better.

Reading this book reminds us that we are surrounded by heroes, whatever the community in which we live. Dan’s life is an example of how one ordinary person was called to do things that profoundly affected the lives of untold numbers of people, and his life serves as an example of how we are all called to help those around us. – Rodger A. Randle, Director, Oklahoma University Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture, and former Tulsa mayor (1988-1992).


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