Warriors for Democracy

The Story of the League of Women Voters of Orange County, Florida.

“From voter rights to gun fights:  It’s all here in the history of the never-give-up League of Women Voters of Orange County, on the cusp of celebrating its 80th birthday in 2019.”
— Dean Johnson, Orlando Sentinel’s Commander Coconut columnist, retired

“This is a tremendous book…an exciting read that documents over and over again how dedicated individuals working together have improved government and policies in the Sunshine State.”
— Dr. Aubrey Jewett

is an illustrated, full-color book filled with inspiring stories about how a small group of determined Central Florida women banded together to empower voters in their community and state.  Their mission:  to defend their families by defending democracy.  These women and their descendants, with some special men, confronted some of the most pivotal issues of their times.  They endured and transcended ridicule and misogyny.  They challenged injustice and waste, sometimes working across many generations before they tasted success.  They would not give up!  Their stories inform and inspire us today.

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