The Tulsa River

The Tulsa River_Cover   Featuring over 100 beautiful photographs and interviews with some of Tulsa’s most important citizens, The Tulsa River is as much a chronicle of history as it is a discussion of the future of Tulsa’s most important artery, the Arkansas River.

Photo © Vernis Maxwell

“This is an exhaustive and loving history of a river — a city, really — filled with floods and floats, parks and politicians. If anything, THE TULSA RIVER proves that while you can’t fool mother nature, you can settle your differences. With cameos by Richard Nixon and Anita Bryant.” – Tulsa Voice Columnist, Public Radio Essayist, Comedian Barry Friedman

Photo © Vernis Maxwell

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  • Dr. Judith Finn
  • Former Mayor Robert J. LaFortune
  • Manuella R. Glore
  • Charles and Georgia Hardt
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